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Various upcoming Parish Information

Next month Holy Mass: is scheduled on Saturday 29th July at 2pm is at St. Mary's College Galway by Rev. Fr. Jaison.


Bible Kalolzavam: Please note; after above Holy Mass at Saturday 29th July, we are scheduled for Bible Kalolzavam. Catechism Principals' and Teachers are kindly preparing the detailed plan for Children. This will be circulated to all very soon.


Parish Day: This year Parish Day is scheduled on Saturday 12th August.

Children practices are already started with the great team work of Ms. Rajani Sunny.

St. Joseph's unit's members should contact Mr. Anil Jacob or Ms. Smitha Martin for Parish Day events Training initiatives within.


Children Choir: Special wishes to all the Children who are participated in the last Mass Choir and also acknowledging the commitment of the special training given by Johnny chettan to the Children.


Veneration of the Holy Relic of St. Teresa of Culcutta: will be at Galway Cathedral on following dates & time.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

8:00pm: Mass,Veneration of the relics after Mass until 10:00pm

Thursday 29 June

  • 9:00am: Mass

  • 9:45am - 10:45am: Veneration of the relics.

  • 11:00am: Mass

  • 11:45am - 5:45pm: Veneration of the relics.

  • 6:00pm: Mass

  • 6:45pm - 10:00pm: Veneration of the relics.

Voice of Peace Ministry 'Youth Retreat: is on July 17th to July 20th at St. Flannan's College, Ennis.


Syro Malabar Bible Convention: is scheduled on August 22nd to August 24th at Racecourse Auditorium, Limerick.


1st Friday Adoration: is at Good Shepherd Church Doughiska, Galway on 7th July at 7 pm.


Pilgrimage to Lourdes: is scheduled are on July 11th, 12th 13th. Pilgrimage Coordinators will update individually to those who are travelling.


Parents Teachers Committee (PTA): Special congratulations to the following PTA Committee Team.

  • Mr. Josekuty Zachariah - President.

  • Mrs. Sindhu Noby - Vice President.

  • Mr. Sibi Isaac - Committee Member

  • Mr. Martin - Committee Member

  • Mrs. Sheeba Joe - Committee Member

  • Mrs. Shery John - Committee Member

  • Mrs. Shiny George - Committee Member

Function, role, authority and responsibilities of the PTA will be updating you in due course.

if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me or your Unit parish executive committee members.

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