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Ms. Gracy Josi



Assistant Principal

Catechism Teachers

Ms. Gracy Josi

Ms. Shiny George   

Mr. Leo Thomas

Mr. Charles Thekkekara

Mr. Deepak Varghese

Ms. Anila Jobby

Ms. Reejamol Kuriakose

Ms. Shiji Sabu

Ms. Jessy Jose

Ms. Smitha Martin

Mr. John Davis

Ms. Jyothy Wilson

Mr. Arun George

About Catechism

One major area of work of St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church Galway is our Sunday school / Catechism faith formation classes. We are very proud of our Sunday school which contains around 100 children and number of Volunteer Teachers. We conduct classes separately for every year level from 1 to 12 with proper text books and regular assessments. We conduct half yearly and annual exams and awards are given for class toppers at the end of the year. Also we give prizes for full attendance. Last year many students had 100% attendance by attending classes on. The major programmes of our Sunday school include annual Bible quiz competition ( a preliminary round written exam and a final round oral exam based on Gospels), Bible Talent Fest (stage and literary competitions based on Biblical themes), Parish Day Cultural events, study about saints through the programme ‘To sainthood through Saints’. We start Sunday school on Sunday at 2:30 pm. Also Sunday school children lead the mass on month of June and November.

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